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 hiК, I'm bluekb

 이름 : bluekb

(2006-05-01 04:58:53, 35886회 읽음)

Everybody hi

I'm in LONDON... It's weather coldК ^^;

(...) (...)

This internet charge is 5 EURO per15min. (very very expensive ^^;)
We will going to Rome nextday.

^^; ByeКК

-bluekb in honeymoon.....-

 (2006-05-02 00:44:28)

ha ha ha~ mo ya~ ut gin da~
jal nol da o si gil.
gun de, un je o si na?
sun mool han a rum~ ^^
rala~ rala~

 (2012-01-17 12:03:43)

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Before the NWMP arrived, the European presence in the West consisted of the Hudson Bay Company's system of forts and trading posts (none of which had managed to survive in the Siksiska region of what is now southern Alberta) and the 'Whisky Traders', who crossed the Medicine Line to make huge profits, sometimes selling adulterated alcohol to the First Nations at grossly inflated prices. The way I thought of it was that these two very different things, one good and one bad, were connected through war. People buy the brand, and not the product. It's sweet if you borrow your boyfriends one. [url=http://www.canadagoosesoldesparis.fr]canada goose doudoune[/url] These can be viewed and ordered online from leading sup . Of course, you should always take a look and see what wedding dresses are going to be appropriate for you. [url=http://www.canadagoosesoldesparis.fr]www.canadagoosesoldesparis.fr[/url] In a properly configured network, problems with audio quality on a VoIP calls are kept to a minimum..
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After talking about insects, we went outside and he showed us how to collect insects. Fresh or dried herbs such as basil and oregano also go well with the squash. At least we don't kick people out of hospital if their health cover runs out or do we deny people health services if they don't have health cover ( because we ALL have basic health cover and its called medicare). [url=http://www.goosejakkedenmark.eu]goosejakkedenmark.eu[/url] Before i pick up on a few points, could i just ask - are you an American or a Canadian? This is of no concern but it would explain the basis of your research. The events leading up to the ape episode were filled with the psychic element. It not unusual, mind you, for a martini made with Grey Goose or Ketel One to cost that same amount in a trendy bar.. I had two thanksgivingdinner one on sunday the other one on monday. [url=http://www.jackenoutletdeutschland.eu]http://www.jackenoutletdeutschland.eu[/url]
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